Our Services Team Contact
Our Services Team Contact

Cardiovascular Simulations made simple

We are a global company commited to provide advanced software tools to aid physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.
Our Services
CT/MRI-Derived Carotid Blood Flow Simulation
Developed to enhance the severity assessment for patients with carotid artery disease, our simulation technology unveils the details of carotid flow dynamics and carotid plaque structural response. This data enables the computation of the Carotid Risk Score (CaRS) index to quantify the risk of stroke for each patient. Service is under development, contact us to collaborate with our research team!
Cerebral Aneurysm Morpho-Hemodynamic Analysis
We provide a quantitative analysis of anatomic features of cerebral aneurysms paired with a comprehensive description of hemodynamic indexes, including metrics related to flow stability, wall shear stress, and flow velocity. As input data is required a CT, MRI or 3D angiography image; results reveal interesting insights that enhance decision making for treating physicians.
CT-Derived Coronary Blood Flow Simulation
Our simulation technology enables the accurate evaluation of coronary flow characteristics, including the assessment of Fractional Flow Reserve. Only a Cardiac CT Scan is needed, service is currently available for research purposes.
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Gonzalo Ares, PhD.
Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder of Flouit.
Expert in computational biomechanics and fluid mechanics.
Carlos Bulant, PhD.
Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder of Flouit.
Software engineer and expert in computational fluid mechanics and vascular anatomy.
Pablo Blanco, PhD.
Chief Research Officer & Co-founder of Flouit.
Expert in multiscale cardiovascular modeling and leader in translational research.
Clinical Advisors
World-leading researcher in atherosclerosis and Interventional Cardiology.
Pedro Lemos, MD, PhD.
Renowned Practicing interventional cardiologist, academic researcher, and innovator.
Rodrigo Gobbo, MD, PhD.
Practicing radiologist, interventional radiologist and interventional oncology with focus on minimally invasive procedures.
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